2011 November . . .

Company Sony is planning to invest significantly in Georgia. Mayor of Tbilisi Gigi Ugulava had a meeting with the president of Sony Shoji Nemoto and other representatives of the company.

New perspectives and future collaboration was discussed during the meeting.

As Gigi Ugulava commented there is a huge interest from the representatives of Sony in Georgia.
"Sony is kind of a corporation that does not need introduction in none of the parts of the world. Thus interest from the company towards Georgia is very important. We talked about the program that will mainly be used by broadcasters and studios. We are planning to create the academy, where each and every person willing to study and raise qualification can enter. It will level up the industry. Such educational center is very interesting for the new wave of professionals. New jobs will be created. I am sure we can realize this project just like we did with many important projects, performed by Sony, as Sony initiated many cultural activities. There is a huge spectrum where this company is involved. Nowadays the most tangible project will be interesting for our country" - Commented Gigi Ugulava

Company representatives met the executive director of GPB Giorgi Chanturia. Sony will help GPB to equip new Tele-Radio center and maintaining Government office in Qutaisi.