The company INDENT was established in November 2005. It is a highly competitive and development oriented company. INDENT is in distribution business of TV-Radio broadcasting, movie and audio-video professional equipment. The company also has a service center with highly professional staff.

The main directions of INDENT's activities are as follows: 

Distribution of Professional Equipment 

The company distributes TV-Radio broadcasting, movie and audio-video professional equipment. Main market for the company's business is in Georgia ( INDENT also operates in CIS  countries. Main customers in Georgia and other countries are government as well as non-government organizations, leading TV channels, production studios, international and private organizations and companies.

Warranty and Post-warranty Services 

INDENT is an authorized service center in Georgia for many companies. It carries out repair works for any professional equipment and works on any types of damages. The service center provides its services to leading TV channels, government and non-government organizations, televisions and production studios. Main benefits of the provided services are high quality and fast service of completed repair works. INDENT is an authorized service center of SONY, Panasonic, Vinten, Sachtler, JVC and Egripmentis. 

Consultations for Interested Persons 

INDENT provides technical consultations based on modern technology and scientific achievements. These consultations are provided not only to INDENT's customers but to any interested private or government entities. INDENT's contacts with leading manufacturers worldwide ensures that provided technical consultations are of high quality and based on international standards

The company's reputation and its image as a trusted partner is evident from the below list of its partners, with whom INDENT has years of cooperation and partnership and who trust the company and its professional staff: 

                                                                                         CAMERA DYNAMICS  EVERTZ  HARRIS  PANASONIC  


INDENT is an economic term, which means the stage in negotiations process where both parties to the agreement are mutually satisfied. In our case, INDENT means harmonious relations with us and our customers, where both parties are happy with outcomes. INDENT manages to reach this stage by many means: 

Customer Oriented Approach
Complex Vision and Professionalism
Unbiased Approach and High Ethics
Competitive Prices
The Best Warranty Terms
High Quality of Products

Despite the fact that INDENT is still "young" company, it is already a leader on the market. The company has implemented many projects and won many international tenders. Based on data of years 2007 -2010 none of the local companies were compatible with INDENT on the local market. The company is not satisfied with what it has achieved so far and since 2010 it successfully extended its operation on Armenian and Azerbaijan markets. INDENT has an authorization from its partner companies to operate on CIS market as well. 


Georgia is one of the rapidly developing countries. Plan of sustainable development of economy of the country is so efficient, that world economic crisis did not influence much on our economy. Priority for our country is the development of touristic infrastructure and investments. Georgia became very interesting for foreign investors. Building of two Trump Towers in Georgia is the one of the latest examples that foreign investments are often. Results of statistic researches made by World Bank and other international organizations prove Georgia's success, rapid progress and development of the country.

ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) is one of the rapidly developing fields in Georgia. The growing demand on technology and services of new generation is motivated by sustainable development of market economy of Georgia as well as by sufficient and prospective volume of the investments and opportunities of the broadcasting operators and service providers. Rapid development of ICT in Georgia is promoted by such international festivals, competitions and championships as Youth Olympics in Tbilisi 2015 (2500 representatives from 49 European nations took part in Youth Olympics 2010), "Golden Talent 2011", annual International Festival of Cameramen "Golden Eye", Black See Jazz Festival, International Movies Festival of Tbilisi, Batumi international Art House Film Festival etc.

Georgia is a post-soviet country and existing information and communication technologies are in need of persistent upgrade and innovation. Introduction to digital technologies, and a "Digital Modernization" of Georgia, is one of the highest priorities for the country.

The important component of state strategy of telecommunications development is promotion of competitive environment through minimally sufficient system of regulation for the operators of all levels of businesses. Competitive environment and absence of administrative barriers on the Georgian market is promoted by the new legislative base created by Law on Electrical Communications and law on Broadcasting, also Law on Entrepreneurship, and amendments in Law on Licensing and new Tax Code. This has also simplified procedures for companies willing to start operation in this field, consequently this have promoted demand as well as competition on the market.

In addition, it should be stated, that considering political circumstances in Azerbaijan and Armenia and especially resent developments in the region, provides the ground for the assumption, that Georgian market could be easily expandable in Caucasus. In this direction, company "INDENT" is in the process of identification of target market in Armenia and Azerbaijan and particularly some steps have already been taken to establish positive contacts.

Transnational character of telecommunications and the tendencies of globalization of economy lead to the further integration with the international information space, including standardization, specification of technical operation and legal maintenance. To this context, international and regional relations are of a primary importance for the country. Georgia has established close and cohesive relations with ITU (International Telecommunication Union), with the RCC (Regional Commonwealth in the field of Communications) in borders of CIS and Georgia has become a member of CEPT (The European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations).


Georgia improved access to credit by implementing a central collateral registry with an electronic database accessible online. Georgia strengthened investor protections by allowing greater access to corporate information during the trial. Georgia made the enforcement of contracts easier by streamlining the procedures for public auctions, introducing private enforcement officers and modernizing its dispute resolution system. Georgia improved insolvency proceedings by streamlining the regulation of auction sales.

Grafa 1
Georgia is ranked 12 out of 183 economies in the Ease of Doing Business.

Georgia - Compared to global good practice economy as well as selected economies:


Georgia was recognized as a top reformer country in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

The Doing Business Reformers' Club, convened on April 22, recognized reforming governments that have adopted the most Doing Business reforms in five regions (Eastern Europe and Central Asia; Middle East and North Africa; Latin America and Caribbean; South Asia; East Asia and Pacific) over the past five years. Georgia was named as a top regional reformer in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, due to the successful reforms particularly with regard to registering property, dealing with construction permits and starting a business.

Research was made by the World Bank and International Finance Corporation with the support of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance.

Georgia, with its unique culture, rich historical heritage and an educated, modern society, has the potential to absorb the most modern innovations and fully participate in the formation of an information-based society.