System of electronic documenting

System of electronic documenting of the protocol of session process



This project was designed on the ground of tasks, set by customer, presented below:
1. Creation of multichannel audio record of the meeting process and its conservation as document in electronic format on separate track of the carrier.
2. Record on video tape-recorder audio-video material for the following use in television as required.
3. Giving on the hall's audio monitors the signal from the microphones of a speakers in the process of session.
4. Creation of a teleport out of a premise of the session hall, for granting journalists a possibility to connect the equipment for record of the program formed in a hall or transfer it to their television centres.

There are used 8 microphones in system, which signals are given to corresponding amplifiers. Theirs turning on and off is carried out by the chairman of session through remote control panel KR-810 by means of interface RS-485. All amplifiers are placed in a basket, have a spare power unit and are located in a boardroom. Each of them has 4 outputs, from which only 2 were used.
All 8 signals are coming on audio mixer and on audio disk recorder TASCAM 2488 MKII simultaneously. In the audio disk recorder these signals are recorded and saved on separate tracks, and then are transferred to the personal computer storage, where it is possible to rewrite both on a CD disk or on any carrier in multitrack or in a stereo/mono form. This material is saved in archive as electronic form of the report of session process.
The same signals from 8 microphones, as it is described above, are given on audio mixer where one resulting signal of the program is created, which through the amplifier-distributor of audio balancing signals is giving on hall's 6 audio monitors and on video tape recorder Sony HVR-M15E.
Simultaneously this resulting signal is coming to the additional amplifier-distributor of audio signals and then from it's output 11 audio signals, which are intended for journalists, are given on a teleport.

A video part of this system consists of 4 cameras located in a hall, signals of which through amplifiers-distributors of video signals are given on video switcher with function of frame synchronisation. Video switcher - 4х1/4 is used, from which outputs the program signal to the video recorder, on the amplifier-distributor of video signals and on the program monitor, one output is spare.

The teleport is situated in a separate premise, out of session hall and represents independent box on which 11 audio balancing signals and 11 composite videos signals PAL are brought out on sockets BNC and XLR.. Simultaneously any of 11 journalists can connect to this system VTR for recording of the program or radio relay link for a signal transmission to the television centre.

Working out of whole project, installation of equipment and starting-up and adjustment works have been completely executed by "Indent" engineers.
It should be mentioned that this project had minimum budget.